Madeleine Thompson

Who Am I?

I have worked in business support for a long time and one thing I learnt early on is that the administrative functions of organisations are their backbone.  Often we are behind the scenes, unseen but very much valued and playing a crucial role.

In the new working world, this support can be delivered by people like me, supporting you virtually.   Think of me as part of your virtual backstage crew.

I've dipped my feet in the shimmery waters of theatre, the arts, engineering, graphic design, and health and social care, in my quest to hone my skills on my journey to becoming a VA. I established my business in 2017 and haven't looked back since.

How Can I Help You?

Working with any business support professional is never just about tasks or deadlines. It is about us being able to understand you, the way you work, what your purpose is, what gets you up in the morning and motivates you to do what you do.  It’s about nurturing strong, calming, enabling, and supportive professional relationships.  

I undertake all of my work with great care, professionalism, and respect for what you do.    I’ve worked a long time supporting people in organisations, charities and businesses, and these qualities are embedded in everything I do. 

I offer a suite of services, developed around my skills, talents and experience. You may need a little or a lot, some but not all. The choice is yours.

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